Favorites from the Past Year

One of the luxuries of living in Boulder, CO, are the readily available opportunities to part take in outdoor adventures. My particular flavor of adventure usually involves seeking out single track trails, sometimes with friends and other times alone. Having been a road running marathoner for years and now having transitioned almost exclusively to trails, one notices changes in the body due to the different running style and a change in one’s frame of mind….for the better in my view.

These are a few of my favorite shots since moving west last year….I am sure more are to come.

This is Lake Isabella near the junction of the Pawnee Pass and Lake Isabella Glacier trails in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area.

A trail in Rocky Mountain National Park which lead to The Lake of Whispering Winds. The last good weekend of fall color we had…

This is a view of the Continental Divide form the summit of James Peak (13,200 ft) in The James Peak Wilderness Area. Trying out some new smart wool compression socks…

View from Continental Divide Trail (11,500 ft) looking west toward Winter Park above Glacier Lakes which are directly behind me. I recommend a picnic on the Divide…

View from the top of Pawnee Peak (12,800 ft) looking north toward Mount Audubon. There were about 20 people on the summit that morning.

The Pacific Crest Trail on Mt Hood in Oregon near Mt Hood Lodge.

Mt Hood from the Pacific Crest trail.

Can’t remember exactly where this was taken last fall…..

The amazing rock formations of Eldorado Canyon near Boulder

The Sangre De Cristo mountain range near Crestone, CO.

Heading out from Chataqua in Boulder to the Mesa Trail with plans to summit Bear Peak on 1st January 2012. Everyone had just seen the movie Unbreakable and was fired up…

The view from Bear Peak on a bright January day at 8,300 ft. This peak is now closed due to the fire and it may be several years before any of us are able to return…

This is the clear mountain water at Mitchell Lake at about 10,000 ft. Due to the low snow fall, we were able to get up there in early June which I am told is almost unheard of.

Trail runners invade the solitude of Ouzell Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. We should have had a permit for the amount of people….

The summit of Mt Evans (14,200 ft) looking north west just before the snow started on June 16, 2012.

Just had to put this one in here cause it was my first 14 teener, Mt Evans Ascent 14 mile run from Echo Lake at 10,000ft in 2:52

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