That Cool Colorado Rain

Actually, the lyrics for “I Know You Rider” are “I’d shine my light through cool Colorado rain”. In any case, it was cool to finally run in the rain this year. The BTRBC Group ran from the Hesse Trail Head west of El Dora up to Diamond Lake and back around via the Fourth of July Road. I added on and went up to Arapaho Pass which turned it into a 21 miler with 4000 ft of gain. The Garmin route is here


18 people plus two dogs….


Middle Boulder Creek was roaring with all of the rain the past several days….I wish I could add sound.


This is the sort of single track that makes you want to return again. In the distance is Arapaho Pass where I ended up.

The clouds rolled in at about 11,000 ft. We left with 18, we need to return with 18 (plus two dogs).

Probably the aesthetic highlight of the run was a wild flower grove just southeast of Diamond Lake. Stopped everyone in their “single tracks”.

Another amazing vantage point.

There was an amazing view of Diamond Lake and surrounds about 2 minutes before I snapped this….I was to busy re-hydrating, need change my priorities apparently. Anyway, since this was the run to Diamond Lake, this is the best I have…

This is the single track to Arapaho Pass after I peeled away form the group. Within a half a mile this trail turned into…….

This……once you get above tree line at about 10,800 ft. Arapaho Pass in the distance.

The view from Arapaho Pass Looking Northeast at about 12,000 ft. The view back towards the trail head south was fogged in….

Just to prove I made it to the Pass….

This whole valley was filled with drainage falls down to Middle Boulder Creek.

Thanks for sticking with it.

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