Green Sunrise

This morning I met Silke and her husband Ryan for a sunrise ascent of Green Mountain. We departed on the 10 mile round trip with 3000+ ft of gain at 5:15am. The sun was just peaking above the horizon and we ascended with the sun, or it with us. I plan on doing this run twice a week for the rest of the summer in preparation for my first 50 miler. More on that later.

Garmin route here:

Ryan and Silke are really strong runners and it was great to hang out with them. Ryan especially blitzed the uphills and was regularly waiting for me to catch up. When you get to the top and look west, an amazing panorama of the Continental Divide is before you.

At the summit is a bronze plaque show above that identifies all of the major peaks. My Saturday group will be ascending most of these peaks before October. We peaked out at 6:30am. What a great morning. I am fortunate to be living in such a place. Thanks to Silke for the pictures.

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