Lawn Lake Rocky Mountain NP – Dam Break Anniversary (Almost)

July 15 1982 at 6am (30 years plus one week ago) the Lawn Lake Dam failed releasing 220 million gallons of water in one minute. Yikes! The alluvian fan is still visible from the Fall River entrance to RMNP. This is where Ed, Alfred and myself started on a run to Lawn Lake and beyond to Crystal Lake. It was about a 16 mile round trip with 3,500 ft of gain a bit northwest of Estes Park. A really nice runnable uphill grade. Garmin route here:

Some of the 30 year old debris pile six miles from the dam break.

You can see how much of the original stream bed washed away here. On to the real scenery.

Law Lake in the distance with considerably more beach front property visible.

Heading up the single track to Lawn lake. Ed is in the lead.

Rest stop at Lawn Lake. Crystal Lake is at the ridge you can see just above our heads about 1.5 miles away. The trip between the two lakes was the most scenic section.

Apparently Llama are great pack animals. I thought I was stepping around horse manure on the way up!

Approaching the shore line of Crystal Lake and our turn around point for the day. Saving the best for last on this run.

Right after this was taken I did a double back somersault with a clean landing into the icy water from that ledge. I wish they would have taken a picture. You’ll have to take my word for it đŸ˜‰

And a credit to Alfred for this last one.

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