The Best of James Peak

Today we ascended the beautiful James Peak in James Peak Wilderness via the East Portal of the Moffet Tunnel. This was 14 mile round trip with about 4,200ft of gain maxing out at 13,200 ft. Garmin route here:

Interesting factoid. Pikes Peak was previously named James Peak after Edwin James who was the first to ascend “Pikes Peak” in 1820. The other guy, Pike, was the “first” to set eyes on his peak in 1806 but didn’t make it to the top due to snow. Anyway, somebody renames James Peak, Pikes Peak and gives this other mountain we ran up to Edwin James. Dude, where is my mountain? This is the third time I have been on the summit of James and it is spectacular. This is a a compilation of some good views from several runs.

The approach to Heart Lake passes by Rogers Peak Lake with the Continental Divide in the background. The climb up to James takes you along the backside of the distant ridge.

This is just below Heart Lake looking towards the Divide trail. What I luv about this is that one of the dogs running with us managed to stick it’s snout into the upper right!

Once you are up on the Divide at Rogers Pass, there is some sweet single track up to the base of James Peak with great views towards Mt Eva in the background. We are headed toward James Peak via the single track in the distance.

James Peak finally comes into view in the distance at 13,200 ft.

The immense scale of the place is evident here as we make the final push to the summit. Fogged in Winter Park in the background. Runners have turned into power hikers.

Finally on the summit at 13,200 looking north down the CD. Longs Peak in the distance.

Enjoying some R&R in a wind break back in 2011 on my first summit of any mountain in CO.

Today’s summit. Despite the weather forecast it was beautiful up there today. I don’t think anyone wanted to leave.

The wildflower bloom was at it’s peak several weeks ago. I think Edwin James got the better of this deal! What an amazing run.

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