Rocky Mount NP – Bluebird Lake

Today’s run wrapped up my last week of preparation prior to taking on the Mt Werner 50K next weekend. This last week I racked up 63.5 miles and 17,800 ft of gain and am going with a one week taper. We’ll see how smart that is come race day. I typically use a two week taper, but that has been for road racing. My legs recover so much quicker coming off of the trails.

The run today took us form the Wild Basin Trail Head up to Bluebird Lake mostly along the Bluebird Lake trail plus a small section on the Thunder Lake trail. Garmin route here:

Mt Meeker (13.9K) in the foreground and Longs Peak (14.2K) in the background. These are on the bucket list for another day.

This is what is left of a 20 year old burn near Ouzel Lake about half way to Bluebird Lake. It was a bit of an apocalyptic looking landscape. The destination is Ouzel Peak way in the distance.

After burn picture #1.

Thought this was a cool looking form. After burn #2.

After burn #3. Moving on from the apocalypse…

Pushing towards the upper reaches to the shore of Bluebird. Not too many weeks of this left.

This is Bluebird which feeds Ouzel Falls. There are actually two other lakes up there accessible off-trail. Junco and Pipit Lake. We turned around here.

The water clarity was incredible.

On the way back down, I noticed this little grove that I had run right by on the way up. These are Colorado Columbine. Time to rest.

This concludes another version of Deep Thoughts by Matt Wiencek 😉

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