Mt Werner Classic 50K – Steamboat Springs

I am an ultra-runner. After 37 road marathons, I completed the Mt Werner Classic 50K in Steamboat Springs CO breaking through the 26.1 mile barrier to 31 miles. My goals for the day were to enjoy the race, finish strong and take alot of pictures. 3 for 3 on that front. I closed with two sub 7 minute miles for a 6:11 race., 21st overall and 5th in my age group. 50 runners finished. Winning time was 4:47! Garmin route here:

The race started in Gondala Square at 6,900 ft up to Long Lake at 10,400 ft with a total gain of 6,300 ft, more than what was advertised.

Our modest group of 63 runners started with the word GO. No chips and no race clocks.

Beginning the climb out of town towards the summit.

This was a very runnable surface the whole way on hiking and bike tracks.

Great views of the valley before we ran under the cover of pines and aspen.

The turnaround point at 16 miles near Long Lake.

On the way back home. I was starting to feel the runners high just before descending 3,500 ft back into town.

the sun breaking through and lighting up the white bark of the aspen. It was worth a pause.

I have several people to thank. Mike for your great advice on eating and climbing hills, Marty for how to use your mind during the race, Ed for some good tips on mixing Heed and Perpetum, Scott for turning me into a trail runner through the BTRBC meetup and Kaitlyn for telling me about meetup. What a day!

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