Caribou Ranch – Nederland

Sometimes running is just fun. That’s it. No miles or times or destinations. Just breathing and looking and of course talking. This was the case today with my FUN Sunday running group organized by Marty. We started at Caribou Ranch and just ran around for a while taking in the golden aspens. This place has an interesting history as it used to be the home to a recording studio (of all things) in operation from 1972-1985. The name Caribou Ranch comes from the Elton John album of the same name recorded here in 1974. “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” was recorded in Nederland! The diverse list of artists who recorded here include U2, John Lennon, Chick Corea, Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind and Fire….complete list here.

The ranch opens in July after the calving season for Elk (not Caribou) is complete.

Chatting with Dr Jerry Lynch, a well known sports psychologist with a successful practice all over the US. You can view some of his work (Way of Champions)  here.

Tara is in the lead and is coming off of a win at a recent half marathon in Alaska! Way to go Tara.

I am guessing this is what is left of the recording studio post 1985 fire.

Mike Sandrock in the lead here. He is putting on an event for his charity, “One World Running” this Saturday in Boulder.

Anders is also working on the charity event.

Nice shot Rock!

Lots to smile about today.

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