Lion…no Thunder Lake – Rocky Mountain NP

The best laid plans…In this case, it was to try and sneak in a last high altitude run to Lion Lake from Wild Basin trail-head, something I have been pining to do all summer. It will have to wait. This was a 14 mile round trip every bit of it runnable. Garmin route here:

Trail head conditions were really pleasant at 9,000ft. I considered leaving the extra layer behind but that would have been a mistake.

By the way, this was a solo trip today as I was unable to find any running pals. Getting to 10,000 feet 5 miles later, things changed.

I made the turn onto the Lion lake spur but was finding myself cutting new path on what I hoped was the trail, not good, especially by yourself. So instead, I snapped this cheezy photo and turned around heading back up higher another route for Thunder Lake.

Conditions continued to worsen on the way up to Thunder Lake and I hadn’t seen a soul all day.

So I had to use the self timer to snap another cheezy picture. It was gorgeous up there. I was never a fan of winter back in Ohio, but that has changed.

To my surprise, this patrol hut was open with people residing in it at Thunder Lake. I got a few sideways looks from them being in shorts…

Thunder Lake with a cloud covered Boulder Grand Pass and the Lake of Many Winds beyond….

The weather started to roll into Mahana Peak on the way back. 45 minutes later, back in sunny Boulder where it is 70F.

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