LA Marathon

I started running marathons in 2001 and since then have managed to complete 38 of them in 35 states. This was my personal best. The funny part is that this was the first road marathon I have run with a Garmin and it turns out I ran 26.53 miles instead of 26.2 which added 2.5 min to my finish time.  This is what happens when you are in the B corral and can’t stay on the perfect tangent line during the race….not that I am complaining 🙂

A 3:09 is also a Boston Qualifier and I am looking forward to that road trip with friends (hey Ohio people…you too!) in 2014. This was also my first time running for a charity and for those of you who helped me raise $1375 in honor of Kian, I am truly grateful. He is a brave little boy with dedicated parents. Here is my Garmin 26.53 mile marathon!!

Picture 1

Unlike the rest of my posts on this blog which use running as an excuse to take pictures 🙂 ….I had no camera and was slow enough that no pictures exist of me on the course….The bloody LA Marathon official photographers even managed to miss me. Oh well. I also can’t tell you about all of the beautiful sights in Beverly Hills because I was focused on pavement, hydration, breathing and other mental games to move through the pain, particularly after 21. Up until then, it was a relatively smooth event. So what I have to share is scavenged from Andel Koester’s pictures (Thanks!).

Here are some very fast human beings from the marathon running 5 min/miles. I finished exactly one hour after them! I see 9 feet and only one of them is on the ground.


And here are some slightly slower race participants. From left to right Ryan (2:35), Dima (2:54), Ben (2:48) and me (2:59 + 10min)…..still wearing our medals and race gear near the finish on Venice Beach.


I have had a few people help me out with running over the years and want to point them out. Marty Kibiloski, thanks for the advice on this race and the taper program. I used it. Kara Kelly, if it were not for the Second Sole Runners back in Cleveland, I probably would not have completed marathon #1. And finally…Rife Hilgartner….the best swim coach in Boulder. I know all those meters in pool helped me get older and faster. Cheers!

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