Legendary Leadville

There have already been two really good posts about this weekend in Leadville by Silke and Mike but I’ll add a few of my own pictures and thoughts to the mix. Since moving here not too long ago, this was the weekend I was able to put the Colorado experience together, mountains, camping and running for a glorious weekend. I didn’t bother to keep track of all the mileage and climbing but it was around 50 miles and 5,000 feet of gain. More importantly, the time was spent on the Colorado and Continental Divide trails with friends. One of the runs is below.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 8.04.22 PM

First on the camping…..no, I had never camped before this weekend…(gulp)….now that admission is out of the way 🙂 Second, I was the only person in camp with all brand new shiny gear! I managed too spend a couple of (comfortable) nights under the starry skies in my new tent. I purchased the floor model from Neptune so this baby has got too have plenty of good mojo to deal out over the next decade I hope 🙂 Friday afternoon, I arrived in camp first and decide to set out on a solo circumnavigation of Twin Lakes below the summit of Mt Elbert, Colorado’s highest peak.


The entire circumnavigation was filled with scenes like this…


And of course this…..


About half way around the loop, I stumbled across the Historic Interlacken resort which was a Victorian era mountain retreat. There is a complex of restored buildings here for rent for your next special occasion….weddings, graduations, bar mitzvah and the like….provided you are willing to hike in. No motor access allowed 🙂


Continuing on the loop, I finally reached the end of my journey at Lake Creek after which a simple crossing would lead me to the camp ground about .5 mile away.


I don’t have a picture of it, but I was surprised to find the creek was a raging white water torrent descending from the highlands due to the spring melt. If you have seen Into the Wild, I kinda felt a little bit like Christopher McCandless must have. I could practically see the camp from where I was but there was no way of getting there so it was time to buck up a bit and head back the way I came. I arrived back in camp just in time to see the rest of the crew heading into town for dinner. I had about enough energy to setup camp, have a few beers and listen to the Dead for a few hours. We all reassembled the next morning for a fine mountain run.


Thanked the beaver for creating this fine little lake….


And thanked whoever came up with the idea of swimming in a placid mountain lake after a trail run while sipping some cold ones in the sun shine. Brilliant!


And what would a day on the trails be without a hot mountain pizza pie.


Followed by another day running amongst the aspens…


From Sea to Summit…..


It does not get any better…..


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