Mt Evans and Bierstadt Weekend

So the plan was to run Mt Evans Ascent Saturday which is a 14.5 mile road race with 4,000+ feet of gain summiting Mt Evans at 14,264ft, drive over to Guanella Pass Campground and hope for an open walk up, meet a friend driving up form Boulder and “run” Mt Bierstadt at 14,060 on Sunday from Guanella Pass with a bit of add on of the South Park Trail afterwards. It all came together. I ran the Ascent last year and left Boulder at 4am to make the 7:30am start. This year, I opted for the car camp option near Echo Lake on Friday night so I could enjoy a leisurely cup of joe in the am instead of navigating I-70. I was rewarded with a nice sunset on Echo Lake Friday. Thanks to the duck!


View from the start area to the summit….


Not alot in the way of pics coming up Evans because I was trying for a sub 2:40 which gets you a special Mt Evans rock award . I just slipped in under the time limit at 2:36. The interesting part (for me at least) is that I was chatting with Bryan, who I just met, before the race and we ended up passing each other multiple times all the way to the summit and both finished 13th in our age group. Bryan is from MO so it pretty damn impressive that he shows up and earns a rock of his own.


There were a few furry creatures waiting for us at the summit.


And some spectacular views…good to see so much snow.


I was lucky to find this little camp site next to a babbling brook.


Mike drove up from Boulder and he spent his Father’s Day and I spent my birthday “running” Bierstadt.


I don’t yet have the skills to tackle this class 3 knife edge between Bierstadt and Evans…


Looking west towards Sante Fe Peak below the summit.


Nice way to spend your birthday! And I think aside from spending it with his family on Father’s Day (they were out of town), Mike probaply wouldn’t rather be any where else.


3 thoughts on “Mt Evans and Bierstadt Weekend

  1. (1) Our summit photo looks like we’re in front of a green screen and, (2) I don’t always try to do a standing split when taking summit photos so consider yourselves lucky.

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