Devil’s Thumb

I am not much for staying at pricey spa resorts but the Bunkhouse at Devil’s Thumb Ranch is a nice slightly upscale alternative. Think of the best hostel you will ever stay in combined with access to a jacuzzi overlooking the western slope of the Continental Divide and you’ve got it.

Friday was a bit overcast but still a pleasant day for hiking a portion of the 20km of trails on the property. Something spectacular about a grey sky with white mountains. James Peak is the snow capped peak on the left.


Saturday was more of a typical blue sky colorado day looking towards Devil’s Thumb.


After cutting some trail through a foot a snow, the James peak Wilderness emerges.

DSCN1918 DSCN1920

Time to invest in some snow shoes.


After getting rained out on the CDT in August, I find myself back on the old nemesis…..



Dipping into the head waters of the Colorado River…better known as Cabin Creek.


That little rock out cropping is supposedly the remenants of a Devil’s thumb according to some native american legends….


Seriously, what is not to like about a day above 9,000 feet?


This impenetrable wall of snow where I parked my jeep for the hike into the trail head was destroyed by some monster trucks….my Cherokee sits humiliated.


What else can I say? Cheers Colorado!

DSCN1939 DSCN1940

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