Shavano, Tabaguache and Democrat

With weather looking favorable, decided to try and tag Democrat Friday afternoon prior to going for Shavano and Tabagauche Saturday.


Base car camp below Democrat. What a luxury to drive to 12,000 ft instead of hiking up there. Sleeping at that altitude was a challenge for me.

IMG_20160617_170027Heading out. We did not see a single person from the time we left TH until we returned which was astonishing given the weather up there……


IMG_20160617_185019Summit time….behind Leila is the entire Collegiate Peaks range and I think you can see the whole Nolan 14 route.IMG_20160617_183450

Looking at the very headwaters of the Arkansa river below us.

IMG_20160617_184001IMG_20160617_194309We wondered why this rock Ptarmigan was so upset as we walked by….I only just notice now that there is a chick sitting right there (I think).

IMG_20160617_195412IMG_20160617_202951Time for sleep.


Saturday was another great weather day.


IMG_20160618_113742Looking up towards Shavano.IMG_20160618_122816

At the summit looking down the ridge line towards Tabaguache. Notice the cornice…



IMG_20160618_131450From Tabagauche looking back towards Shavano.


Scrambled through scree on the way up to avoid the snow only to find it was a better way to get back down.






What a great anniversary weekend.

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