Harvard and Holy Cross

This is a mash up of a couple of weekend trips, one of which involved some camping.

IMG_20160710_175906.jpgThe approach to Harvard from 7 miles away.

IMG_20160710_183323.jpgLooking back towards Yale.

IMG_20160710_191844.jpgLooks like a placid place to spend the night at Bear Lake below Harvard at about 12,000ft. Not!! Wind picked up around 11pm and blew all night long. No sleep period. Next time, bivy sack above tree line.

IMG_20160710_191838.jpgThe calm before the wind storm. At least we ate well.

IMG_20160711_081225.jpgLooking at Columbia from Harvard Summit.

IMG_20160711_082220.jpgHarvard Summit.IMG_20160711_083302.jpgGoodbye Summit.

IMG_20160711_090110.jpgBear Lake looking innocent again. Don’t believe it.

Fast forward a week and Mt. Holy Cross was in our sites for a day trip. About 12 miles and 5,600 ft of climbing.

IMG_20160716_092734.jpgI believe this is Mt Jackson on the way up.

IMG_20160716_083052.jpgFirst glimpse of Holy Cross.

IMG_20160716_093309.jpgIMG_20160716_100827.jpgThe approach is a helluva lot easier than what it looks like. The line from the west is easy.

IMG_20160716_103057.jpgIMG_20160716_111542.jpgSummit shot looking towards Leadville.

IMG_20160716_112841.jpgMaroon Bells in the distance… on the agenda in a few weeks.

IMG_20160716_114125.jpgDown climbing the summit scree.

IMG_20160716_125858.jpgNice place for a nap I can assure you.

IMG_20160716_140209.jpgThis is a great mountain indeed, a new favorite.


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