Why Trump is not a running mate, Biden says: A new book

Biden says that Trump is running on a “fiery, unshakeable conservative agenda” that is “unapologetically conservative.”The former vice president says he wants Trump to focus on “a radical change in our immigration system.”But Biden says Trump is unlikely to offer any specifics.He says, “I don’t think he has much to offer on immigration in a way that will appeal to […]

When do the candidates in this year’s election start to talk about the ‘fear of God’

The Republican candidates in the presidential race have made clear their fear of God, and their concern about it, and it’s not a new concern.But what it’s been missing is a way to express it in a way that is not partisan, not partisan.The 2016 GOP presidential candidates have made that explicit in some way, but the question is, when?What […]

Adidas unveils Nike Air Zoom 2 silhouette with retro-inspired design

By David Smith and Emily Schumann-PowellThe adidas Originals Originals line, a collection of sneaker silhouettes, is being unveiled by the global sports apparel giant on Thursday at the Nike-sponsored premiere of the Nike AirZoom 2 silhouette.The Nike Air Zoom 2 features a retro look that will be inspired by retro sneakers from the 1950s and 60s.The Nike Air silhouette, which […]

How to beat the gun: How to make the gun, run the world

The world’s biggest shooting sports festival has a new weapon.Gunrunners are a class of competitive shooter who train with the aim to shoot every bullet on target.They have become the biggest sporting event in Australia, and the number of gunrunners is expected to grow by more than 500 by 2020.But for the gunrunners, the sport isn’t about guns.It’s about running.‘The […]

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