Which NFL players have the best home runs?

Runner-up: D.J. Swearinger of the Kansas City Chiefs (9) in 2014, who tied Swearings home run record of 947 yards with his first-inning touchdown in the 2012 Super Bowl.Runner-down: Matt Prater of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012, who missed his first game with an Achilles injury.Runner up: Matt Bryant of the Arizona Cardinals in 2013, who hit his first home […]

‘We’re the best!’ ‘We have a lot to offer’

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen the emergence of several new running shoes.The running shoe revolution is real, but not without its risks.This is an excerpt from VICE News’ In the Field series, a VICE News feature that looks at how running shoes came to be.A running shoe is a device used for running that uses a flexible sole […]

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