How to make the Viking runes

Viking runes, the oldest known material ever produced in Europe, are now being produced in Britain for the first time.The Viking runes were made by scribes on a Viking ship called the Leningrad, which arrived in the Baltic Sea in 1066.They were made with metal tools, which can still be found today in Viking ships. The Viking-era scribes were fascinated by […]

Why the World Marathon Majors have an average run distance of less than 3.5 hours

A record that dates back to 1896 has now been broken for the world’s longest running event, with the New Zealand World Marathon Association (NZWMA) claiming the distance of a 7:03:52, just one minute and 36 seconds slower than the world record of 7:05:57 set by Usain Bolt in Rio de Janeiro.The marathoners who set the new world record were […]

When you need to know everything about a single issue, you need Grunion Run to know it all

When I’m writing an article, I often find myself needing to know all the issues on the article, and how I can best take advantage of them.Sometimes, I’ll spend a long time working on an article without knowing the issues at hand.But when I finally do, I know that I can leverage all the information I’ve gleaned, and apply it […]

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