Aspens from 14,202 ft

I never get tired of this stuff….pictures of aspens in the fall. I am sure you have seen them before, but here are a few more taken on a hike up Mt Yale.


Looking toward Cottonwood Pass


Mt Columbia and Mt Harvard


Looking back towards the trailhead.



The Elk Mountains off in the distance.



4 Pass in 2 days

Managed to hike around the Four Pass Loop in a couple of longish days in a counter clockwise direction. Camped below the falls on North Fork Creek. The pictures speak for themselves I think.


The view from Crater Lakes on day one.


Looking back near the top of the climb to West Maroon Pass


And over the other side towards Frigid Air Pass.


Obligatory selfie on the way to Frigid Air.


Looking towards Crested Butte


Coming down off of Frigid Air with some Rocky Mountain Runners off in the distance.


Camp ground on the left just beyond the small pond.


I could hear the waterfall all night….


Looking south from Trail Rider Pass


Snow Mass lake from Trail Rider


And the final climb to Buckskin….Wow!

Grays and Torreys

Never pass up an opportunity to tag along with an experienced mountaineer. Thanks to Andy, I was able to work up the gumption to try Grays and and Torreys last weekend. Starting from the I-70 parking lot, this is about a 15 mile roundtrip with 5,000+ feet of gain topping two 14ers.

Grays on the left and Torreys on the right.


Looking up towards Torreys from the backside of Grays.


Will never ever forget glove liners again….Besides that, it was very comfortable up there.


Looking towards the Collegiate Peaks



Using the ketonic pathway was a blast.DSCN1909

Imogene Pass Run – Ouray to Telluride

The 39th Annual running of the Imogene Pass Run was spectacular and a perfect way to kick off the fall running season in the high country. A few of those familiar yellows and reds are starting to appear in the aspen. The race starts in Ouray runs through the Uncompahgre National Forest for 17 miles over the Pass at 13,200 ft finishing in Telluride with 5,500ft of gain. The weather was about as nice as one could hope for. Garmin route here:

As you can see from my pace, I was in no hurry just taking in the sights. Consequently, I am having trouble narrowing down the number of photos so there a few more than normal.

We stayed at the Riverside Inn in Ouray. You can leave the balcony door open and sleep next to the sound of a river. Spotless rooms and really nice staff.

1,500+ runners ready to go at 7:30am. With a 1/4 mile you are on jeep road for the remainder of the day.

The sun starts to break through about three miles in with the looming Pass in the distance.

Reaching Upper Camp Bird at 11,000ft before starting the climb to the pass. Looks like an old glacial morain. The next several photos are from that area.

One of the race organizers was yelling at the time, “You all know what your shoes look like….look around and enjoy the view”. Agreed.

The arrow points to the left but the Pass is straight ahead.

Looking back towards Upper Camp Bird

And back towards the valley to Ouray.

Time to push towards the Pass. There is a first ridge line below a plateau before the Pass.

Reaching the firste ridge line and looking back towards Ouray. All power hiking at this point.

Over the first ridge line now with about 1/2 mile to the start of the final climb. There are a few short downhill sections which were a nice leg recovery.

At the Pass looking back towards Ouray, just before someone handed me a cup of…….

hot Chicken Soup! That will put a smile on your face at 13,200ft. Thanks race volunteers! Just when you think the views can’t get any better…you step across the Pass and…..

Yep. What can I say? Next bunch are going into Telluride which you can see way out there….

I can say that the surface over the next several miles was slick….small rocks, pebbles on rock surface. Gotta keep your head in the game here. This is one of fav shots of the day.

We are approaching the Tomboy Camp at 11,500ft and 12 miles in.

I would assume old mining operations…

Just above Telluride. What a cool name for a town.

A hint of fall just before coming in to town.

The finish line area was buzzing with activity, sweet peaches and more hot chicken soup.

Looking back towards the Pass from Telluride.

Imogene, this might be the start of something! See you next year.