What we know so far about the home run race that started with #MLBStar Wars: The Show

Home runs are on the minds of many fans, and with that in mind, here are our predictions for what each team will do at home.Team #1: Seattle Mariners The Mariners are still a team to be reckoned with, but they will have a difficult time stopping a surging Cubs team.Seattle is still in a strong position to win their […]

How to run a marathon, the way it’s meant to be done: A guide to the rules

In a world where runners don’t need to be as careful as they used to be, and where the marathon is considered a fun activity, it’s no surprise that running can still be a dangerous thing.But when it comes to running with a bit more safety in mind, running with more style can actually be a much more enjoyable experience.Here’s […]

‘Star Wars’ Star John Boyega is Dating ‘Dirty Dancing’ Star Kate Hudson on Twitter

A new report claims John Boyesen is dating the popular “Dirty Dance” star Kate Hudson.The tabloid claims Boyesens first contact with Hudson happened in 2016, and the two have been in a relationship since that time.Hudson is one of several Hollywood stars who have been spotted on the red carpet at Star Wars Celebration 2017.Boyesengs latest Twitter post came a […]

Watch with an eagle, or an eagle with a watch

Watch with the eagle or an elephant?The watch of the year has been selected as the Pheasant Run, which was named in honour of the elephant that was the subject of an ad in the Times of India in 2015.The ad claimed the runner could go as fast as 35km an hour.The runner, who ran in a specially designed course […]

Which is the greatest running app on the planet?

There are a number of running apps that make you think twice about how you run, especially if you’re not running in a gym or on a treadmill.The running app category encompasses a wide variety of running devices and applications.There are apps that allow you to run, track your progress, and even get some exercise while you’re on the go.The […]

How to Run the Best Running Socks in the World

Grunion Run, the first running company in the world to make shoes with the sole of the shoe being made of the foot, has announced that its next pair of running socks will be made from the sole from the toe of the boot.The socks, which are now available in the UK and US, feature a synthetic sole made from […]

How to Get Rid of Fidget Spots in Your House

What if you’re in a rush to get to work, but you don’t know where to start?We’ve compiled a guide for you to get rid of fidget spots, or your fidgeting fingers, without spending a fortune.The key is to start with a gentle and natural way of moving them out of the way.We’ve got you covered on fidgety-free living tips, […]

Nike running shorts to hit store shelves on Monday

Nike is launching a limited run of running shorts in stores across the United States this week.The shoes, the first Nike running shoes ever to hit the market, feature a design similar to the Nike Air Force 1, with the words “best running” printed on the back.The Nike Air Air Force One has been a popular model for running shorts […]

How to beat the Rune Temte: 10 simple things to do

A new breed of Australian rugby players is emerging.They’re coming from far and wide, playing for local clubs, and have become the face of the sport in Australia.But what is it about this new breed that is so special?Read moreThe new breed: The Australian Rugby LeagueRugby League is a fast-growing sport in the Northern Territory, and the growth of its […]

When the world ran, Boy Run ran for the title. We’re all running now.

Recode has confirmed that the story is real.We spoke with the author of Boy Run, who said, “Boy Run was created by my brother, who is also the creator of The Runestrong family.The Runestone family created Boy Run and is the original publisher of the series.I was in the process of writing a story when I got an email from […]

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