When it comes to the Colts, they can run or pass — and vice versa — with Darius Runes

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was in Indianapolis last week, where he was joined by several teammates and coaches who were working on a new system to change the way the team prepares and plays defense.Luck said he is happy to see that process, but he also said he will take the time to analyze what worked and what didn’t last […]

Why Trump is not a running mate, Biden says: A new book

Biden says that Trump is running on a “fiery, unshakeable conservative agenda” that is “unapologetically conservative.”The former vice president says he wants Trump to focus on “a radical change in our immigration system.”But Biden says Trump is unlikely to offer any specifics.He says, “I don’t think he has much to offer on immigration in a way that will appeal to […]

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