Silver Rush 50 – Leadville, CO

The decision to enter the Silver Rush 50 was last minute and somewhat casual for me as opposed to my only other 50 mile race last year which I agonized over for weeks. I really can’t explain the decision to take this on other than I felt ready…..that’s it. I had been running at higher elevations with The Rocky Mountain Runners for many of the prior weeks….but all that was done just because we all of love to run. I have also managed to climb 5 fourteeners in the last 6 weeks so I think that helped the confidence. Whatever it was, I am just grateful to have my health dialed in to the degree that I can run for 50 miles with 6,000 feet of climbing in 8:59:41.


Five of us from the Rocky Mountain Runners ran this event and everyone had a great day. Ryan, Neeraj and I broke 9 hours. Mike who ran on some tired legs broke 10 hours. Then of course there is Leila who won the women’s race and set a new course record two weeks after the Western States 100 where I paced her. Many other RMR showed up to support and cheer for us which I think everyone is grateful for……especially me because I am stealing several of their pictures as I was not carrying a camera.


This is the first race I have ever listed to music. I think the music was inspiring because I ran an 11 minute negative split over the second half and really had that “Eye of the Tiger” feeling coming home.


As I was crossing the finish line, they announced the wrong name. No matter. Just happy to have this one in the bag under 9 hours. So….about that 100 mile race…….