Mt Massive and Elbert Weekend

Wrapping up work by 2pm Friday and driving directly to the Highlands is becoming a habit and I am starting to understand those who have long been habituated in this way. I am a bit of a late comer to it all. I headed back up to Leadville this weekend. I remember driving through Leadville the first time on my way to Buena Vista area and being thoroughly unimpressed by the look of this ramshackle town from the comfort of my car…but…..the place does grow on you. It is certainly authentic. The two challenges of the weekend were to be Elbert (far left) and Massive. Daunting but impressive.


Michael and Malory joined on Saturday for a jaunt up Massive from Elbert Creek CG. They both kicked some ass at the recent Steamboat Marathon.


Quick Team Massive photo after breaking tree line before the real fun began. Yes in case you are wondering….those are new Transition lenses and I am trying to make them cool again…..Oh, they were never cool to begin with? Yikes.


The colors are just starting to pop!


Beautiful Leadville ๐Ÿ™‚ nestled in the valley on the right with Turquoise Lake.


Making the final push to the summit….I mean the false summit and the false summit and the final false summit…… ๐Ÿ™‚


Aspen Valley in the background on the summit. Massive has a lot of character up top.


So what do you do after a morning of running….have a Nutella sandwich washed back with a PBR and take a nap in a hammock…..then run again in the afternoon. Leila joined up with Michael and I for a run up the Powerline section of the Leadville 100 course. These two have both earned a buckle for finishing in less than25 hours. Impressive. I am pacing this year and was glad to be able to see this section of the course during the day…..


Powerline during the day….the next time I am back here it will most likely be 2am as a pacer and quite cold…..


We headed up Elbert the next day and had this view of the west slope of Massive……


Leila in the lead who is heading out to Wester States 100 next weekend…..I am stoked to be her pacer! What a privilege.


Elbert is a non technical but really steep and slick……glad I had a hiking pole.


All smiles after snacking on some much needed bacon jerky….or was it the Views from the highest point in Colorado ๐Ÿ™‚