Teemo Runes

Teemo is the champion of the jungle and the only champion with a single ability: Teleport.The champion can also teleport to an ally and perform a special dash move, called Grunty Run.You can also see what Grunter does when it teleports, by scrolling the bottom of the screen.Teemo can teleport from one location to another, but not to the same […]

How to run your own pool: how to run a temple run 2

Running your own temple run is something that many people can’t seem to do without having to find some way to run it.But even if you have some experience, there are still many steps to follow to get you running.First of all, find a place that is open 24/7.This is where the majority of temple run events are held.These can […]

후원 수준 및 혜택

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