How to make a knee pain running app that won’t break the bank

In this episode of Business Insider’s Run, we’re going to look at how to make an app that’s not only great for running, but also great for money.In the podcast, we talk to running coach and founder of Run-Run Run-Go, Matt Lough.In this edition, Matt talks about the lessons he learned while running the first 6,000 miles of the Ironman […]

What’s on in season 5 of ‘Kong: Skull Island’?

The sports bible The Sport has the scoop on what’s on season 5 (and what’s still to come) of “Kong.”What’s new?We’re hearing that Ks showrunner and director of photography Adam Brie will be back on board to direct the second season, and that he’ll be joined by production designer and cinematographer Peter Sussman.That leaves two more shows to come: the […]

How to make your own rune factory in less than an hour

An hour and a half later, my son’s brother called to say, “I’ve been waiting for you.”I had no idea what to say.I’d just had my first day at the factory.I was excited.But I had been told it would take three to four days to complete the job.So I went in and did it in just a few hours.I started […]

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